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Ronin Wallet: a combat guide about the Safest Wallet for Your NFT Games

NFT games have become quite a norm, and every gamer who wants to make money doing the thing they love to do is on it! In this regard, among the most popular NFT games, today is Axie Infinity. This game offers every gamer the chance to make a handsome amount of money depending on the level of commitment and hours they give for the game. Of course, concerning money and gaming, you’ll always need a reliable online wallet to take care of the transactions. For this particular cause, the Ronin Wallet comes into the picture. So, what is Ronin Wallet and why is it essential for NFT games such as Axie Infinity?

What is Ronin Wallet

As mentioned earlier, it is an online wallet that is built especially for NFT games such as Axie Infinity. It is also comparable to MetaMask which functions as an extension for a browser like Chrome, Firefox, and others. For it to function, it needs to be installed in a browser to manage all transactions on the local PC or mobile phone. In addition, other games linked with Ronin can also use this wallet.

The good thing about the Ronin Wallet is that you don’t need to download any large file to run the program. Also, the extension doesn’t consume much space on your PC for it to work effectively. While it is light on the space, it also greatly reduces the time and work involved in making transactions related to digital currencies. However, Sky Mavis hasn’t really gone into great depth as to how the Ronin Trezor hardware actually works technically wise.

Account Creation for Ronin Wallet

Now if you want to set up a Ronin Wallet for your NFT game such as Axie Infinity, all you need is a compatible browser such as Firefox or Chrome and enable it as an browser extension. After enabling it as an extension, simply run the app to run diagnostics and to make sure that all system requirements are met. After which, you’ll be directed to a page with the ‘Get Started’ tab where you need to create a new mobile wallet or simply use a seed phrase. The seed phrase is a unique code that allows you to retrieve or make edits and changes to your account. It is important that you keep a copy of the seed phrase or also called the recovery phrase for security purposes.

After creating your crypto wallet, and confirming your details via email, you can now proceed to link your Ronin Wallet with your NFT game account.

Our final Thoughts

While Ronin Wallet is light on space and also efficient as well as fast in managing cryptocurrency transactions on NFT games such as Axie Infinity, it is also quite easy to integrate with other mobile wallet, digital currencies, and NFT games. Furthermore, it has a growing community which enables it to be less prone to scams and fraud.

If you’re looking for a secure way to manage your cryptocurrencies earned from your NFT games, you can trust that Ronin Wallet can provide you with all that you need.

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