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This bitcoin faucetis the most popular among not only the Russian audience, but rather the foreign one, so the benefit from it is obvious to any adequate person! In addition, you get a time-tested service – a site that is used by a huge number of people around the world, buying and earning digital currency every hour.

If someone is not in the know yet, then a bitcoin faucet is able to give out a certain number of satoshis 1 time per hour, while multiplying them by playing “Multiply” , earning money by investing (saving) funds within the site ( 4% per annum ), and also increasing income through . We will show numerous strategies and screenshots of the project in this article, where we will show which options 90% work! First of all, let’s talk about a special script that automates the work.


So, the script for the site allows you not only to receive money automatically once an hour, but also to multiply them using the game. So, for example, in the input settings of this action, you can set the option to enter the game “Multiply”and its settings. The data includes the winning option, the number of percentages in case of loss, limits and much more. All parameters can be seen in the screenshot below. The only drawback of the script is the fact that when switching to another device, you need to manually activate the PC by clicking on the link from the email. Also, the disadvantages include tracking the moment when there is a possibility of a so-called “drain”, when all the money on the account burns out when playing “Multiply”, which is turned off by default in the input settings of the action for the ZennoPoster program .

input settings ZennoPoster

You have several options for earning BTC at your disposal: these are bets or predicting outcomes (yes, an analogue of a bookmaker), where payment is made from an internal account. The pluses include the fact that you yourself set the debit amount, but the stakes here are much higher than in standard bookmakers. The disadvantages are that mostly unpopular forecasts and just long-running events are presented, where there is no unequivocal answer, and therefore the risk of losing increases!


The second option for collecting Satoshi is to simply leave part of the amount in the account. With the accumulation of 30,000 and more, the service automatically accrues 4% per annum to your account the next day once a day. Yes, the amount as a whole is small, but imagine that the total amount you have is not 30 thousand BTC, but, say, 1,000,000 – then it will already be a great investment!


The next way to save money on your account is to attract referals – you can place your referral links anywhere, the service is unlikely to even merge you for this, but keep in mind that you need to look for really working referrals in certain places (I tell mine exactly where, so you can take advantage of this offer! Also, the referrals themselves, regardless of their income, have the opportunity to supplement their account with satoshi if they have a percentage of earnings within the site – the percentage and its amount are chosen by the one who invited you (my referrals earn from 10% and more, depending on work).


Multiply game

Here we need to talk separately about the game, which brings the lion’s share of all funds, BUT! Attention, you can lose absolutely ALL funds on your account, so I recommend using it only if you have small amounts on hand and you know what you are doing! Here, as in a bookmaker’s office – if you are not sure – do not take it !!!

Regarding the strategy of earning bitcoins, there are several of them, but there are really few workers. With MY  , I share almost all the best practices in order to increase income for all participants in this process, but in this article we will discuss only a few options for increasing the amount.

1 Download working option for in a script for playing manually

You set the minimum winning option at the level of 1.1 – 1.5 , as well as the rate of 0.00000005 satoshi (in order for the winnings to be at least the minimum amount). Thus, the chance of winning will be about 79% , and therefore it will be more difficult to lose (but in reality – quickly and easily!). If you lose, you simply increase the bet to the desired value, for example, in this particular case – 3 times until the amount in the winning column is 0.00000008(with initial bet 0.00000005). The advantages of this approach include fairly low losses and high rates, but it’s better to start, of course, with an amount of 1000 Satoshi and more, so as not to immediately lose all the money earned. I must say right away that I don’t play this way, as there are more interesting schemes, but at the initial stage, in order to try the action of the system, you can try …


2 Download working option for in a script for playing manually

You put, on the contrary, a higher winning option within 3-5 , for example, 4 and a minimum bet of 0.00000001 . If you lose, you will have to increase the bet by the minimum value, so this is an obvious advantage. But the minus is variability, i.e. the possibility of winning decreases, and therefore you have a limited number of steps to increase the bet. As an example, you press 1 time, and if you lose, you just press 3 times in a row, then if you lose, you already increase the bet by 0.00000001 and hit the button again until you win (but in this way you can completely “merge” all Satoshi). I use this method from time to time, BUT! not in manual mode and with slightly different settings.

2020-05-04_201307 automatic mode

So we come to my favorite option for earning bitcoins on this service. The advantages of an automated approach can be treated differently, but the job is done – you set the necessary parameters either directly on the site or in a script (the action is not free for new users, but for referrals who brought some Satoshiks – completely working and free!). So, for example, by setting the minimum bet on the machine, you can increase it several times just by pressing one click on the button. But this requires the right settings, and you already know where to get them.

How to get a FREE working script for the site

You follow the link, then earn at least 30,000 satoshi, and write to me through the feedback form your bitcoin address (you can use the first 3-4 first and last digits of the address) used in the system (so that I can determine that it is you!). After that, I send a script indicating the most interesting and working options for internal settings, as well as video and other useful data to the mail indicated in the contact form on the contact page.

I’ll explain right away that this will not be a 100% option for making money on this site, and there is always a “drain” option, or rather, it is present in 99% of cases! Therefore, most of all, this script is more suitable for simple savings – 1 time per hour, and not for playing “Multiply”.


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