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What are the scripts for making money on bitcoin and why are they needed?

Bitcoins are one of the most trendy cryptocurrencies at the moment. Entrepreneurial Internet users resort to various kinds of ways to earn this moment, one of which is to solve various tasks from faucet sites. But users do not stand still and to simplify this method of obtaining bitcoins, special scripts are used.

  • What is a bitcoin script?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the script for earnings
  • Types of scripts
  • Popular bitcoin faucet scripts

What is a bitcoin script?

The process of earning bitcoins is most often associated with solving logical problems or performing various actions on faucet sites. For performing simple operations, which takes almost a whole day, the user is charged a minimum reward. Without the use of special programs, tasks become available only after a certain period of time, depending on the type of site (5, 10, 30, 50, 60 minutes). These facts almost immediately undermine the enthusiasm of new miners and force them to abandon the use of faucets.

However, programmers have found a solution to this problem. Scripts – allow you to collect rewards without the participation of the user himself. So, the programmed system itself executes the given algorithm.

The program supports the following actions:

Go to specified sites.
Enter captcha.
Display of accrual statistics.
But in order for the bitcoin mining script to work correctly, it must be correctly selected and configured.


Advantages and disadvantages of a script for earning bitcoins
Scripts for earning bitcoins on the machine, of course, carry more advantages than the standard way of mining cryptocurrency.

Among the main advantages it is worth highlighting:

Stability. The program works without interruption, and the purchase of a high-quality version allows you to avoid various kinds of unpleasant incidents.
Independence. The automatic mode of the bot allows the user to avoid prolonged sitting at the computer. It is enough just to adjust the algorithm of the program, and it will perform the necessary operations by itself.
Continuity. The bot can work around the clock if the user’s computer is turned on. When the PC is deactivated, the script also stops working.
Profitability. Using the program allows you to significantly increase the level of income received from cranes. The main task of the user is only to track non-working sites and exclude them from the list.
Free versions. In order to independently verify the effectiveness of this way of earning, it is not necessary to invest money, just find a free version of the program on the network.
It is fair to say that these programs have certain disadvantages, however, they are completely offset by their advantages.

Types of scripts

There are several main types of programs for automatically earning bitcoins. All of them differ in their functionality and capabilities.

So, it is customary to subdivide scripts into the following types:

Independent. These scripts are embedded in the program code of a particular faucet page and work with only one resource.
Script network. This type is characterized by the union of several bots working on the iMacros extension. They are able to conduct their activities simultaneously on several platforms.
Autonomous. These programs work without user intervention and require fine tuning.
Scripts for collecting from a large number of sites. This type of bolts is designed to work simultaneously with 40 or more resources.
It is worth noting that there are few large-scale scripts, and in the free version they are quite rare.


Popular bitcoin faucet scripts

There are many different resources on the Internet, both paid and free, for automatic earnings.

bitcoin money

So, the top leaders include the following programs:

This program is a cryptographic hash function. Its main function is to convert the given elements into a value with a fixed length. Simply put, when mining a cryptocurrency, tasks are solved using a special processor. All algorithms, when executed, are displayed in the bot interface, for example, in the form “Accepted 005c5d68dki4”. It is the value 005c5d68dki4 that acts as a hash.

Each program solves the problem by selecting a set of hashes and filtering out the wrong ones. This process is based on guessing a hash based on a given number of leading zeros. The number of zeros is determined by the complexity of the task set by the mining pool.

Script for bitcoin mining btc free bot
This smart program allows you to cover many different resources for earning. It independently enters captcha and is designed to perform actions similar to human behavior. At the moment, not one of the faucets has unlocked the algorithm of its operation.

However, this program has a certain disadvantage – a complicated setup. When

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